How to access all Windows 10 settings using God Mode

God Mode folder icon

Windows 10 is here, and it brings with it a plethora of settings that let you customize the platform to your liking. Annoyingly, these settings are scattered all around the operating system. Even the Control Panel doesn’t contain them all, and the Settings app just adds to Windows 10’s split personality. For a quick access to all Windows 10 settings, use God Mode.

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How to remove viruses in USB flash drives

USB flash drive shortcut virus

Hackers often develop computer viruses and other malicious software that have creative ways of spreading from computer to computer. One particular method of propagation is via USB flash drives. Although computer users are increasingly making good use of cloud storage and other online services, some users still prefer the good ol’ USB devices for file transfers. Viruses that exploit this behavior will therefore continue to pose problems.

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Game Recorder+ review: an easy way to record videos of Android games

Game Recorder+ app screenshots

When you want to be the next PewDiePie or just want to show off your Android gaming prowess on YouTube, you gotta have a way to record videos of your Android games. For that matter, we recently discovered Game Recorder+ in the Galaxy Apps store. It’s a free app with no rooting or complex installations required. Check out if it has the features you need in this Game Recorder+ review.

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Top 3 video editing software that won’t cost you a dime

Windows Movie Maker

Aspiring to become an Internet phenomenon, you record several real-world events that you believe is meme-worthy and can become viral. But you notice a lot of garbage in the source material though that should be removed from the final edit. With these top three best free video editing software, you can create and upload great videos to your social media accounts.

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