Garr - Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain

Garr heroic boss – Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain

Forget the heroic bosses of Blackrock Depths. Those guys were easy. Let’s kick it up a notch by facing what the Molten Core wing has to offer. First up is the obsidian elemental Garr.

Garr boss overview

How to unlock the encounter: Garr is the first boss of the Molten Core. As always, you must unlock the wing and defeat all its bosses on normal difficulty before you can proceed to heroic. To unlock it, you must shell out 700 gold or $6.99. You can enjoy a discount on a real-money purchase if you buy the wings as a package.

Hero power: Magma Pulse is basically the warrior’s Whirlwind. Garr uses it every turn to gradually reduce the health of his Firesworn minions to zero. When that happens, all hell breaks loose. The role of the minions are further explained in the next section of this guide.

Deck: Since the Blackrock Mountain is all about the element fire, Garr’s deck contains minions such as Volcanic Lumberer, Flamewaker and Fire Elemental. His sole boss card is Rock Out, which ensures he always has Firesworns in play.

Click here to see the Garr's deck on normal difficulty.

There isn’t much difference between the normal and heroic decks. However, the latter deck takes out some cards in favor of an additional Bloodlust.

Click here to see the Garr's deck on heroic difficulty.

How to beat Garr on heroic difficulty

FireswornIn general: At the start of the encounter, Garr’s side of the battlefield is automatically filled with Firesworns. On heroic difficulty, the deathrattle effect of these minions does 3 damage instead. The total damage you receive actually varies according to the timing of their deaths. Let’s say one just got killed, so you receive 3 damage. If another dies within the same turn, you receive 6 more damage. That’s a total of 9.

However, if two Firesworns die simultaneously, you receive 6 damage from each deathrattle effect for a total of 12. Remember Magma Pulse? If you ignore the Firesworns and let all seven of them die simultaneously from the hero power, you receive 147 total damage. Unless you’re a mage with Ice Block in play, you’d totally be dead.

At best, you should make sure that only one or two of these minions die in one turn (regardless of whose turn it is). You have several options to make this happen. For instance, you can silence one that’s about to die. For another, damage the minions at the right time. Even healing them or boosting their health with buffs such as Power Word: Shield is a viable move. Use Crazed Alchemist’s battlecry effect to kill them.

But even if you manage to keep the deathrattle effects of the Firesworns from killing you, you still have to watch out for your health because of Bloodlust. Make sure you don’t get killed by that spell in a single turn.

What with all the enemy minions with deathrattle, add Lil' Exorcist to your deck. If all seven Firesworns are still alive by the time you play Lil' Exorcist, her attack and health becomes 9 and 10 respectively. Also consider including Mind Control Tech to your deck.

And because Magma Pulse does damage to all minions, including yours, you can use it to your advantage with cards like Grim Patron and Gurubashi Berserker. Minions with enrage, such as Amani Berserker and Raging Worgen are quite valuable too.

As a priest: The best class to use against Garr is probably the priest. Casting Circle of Healing ensures the Firesworns don’t die too early. And with Northshire Cleric already played beforehand, you can draw several cards on a single turn. There’s no need to worry about overdraw and fatigue damage; you will likely win the game before you run out of cards. Another key card to include in your deck is Mass Dispel.

Click here to see our custom priest deck against Garr.

As a warrior: Play a Frothing Berserker early and let it build its attack via Garr’s Magma Pulse. Help it survive with buffs such as RampageArmorsmith can help increase your chances for survival.

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