Emperor Thaurissan - Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain

Emperor Thaurissan heroic boss – Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain

Emperor Thaurissan is the final heroic boss of the Blackrock Depths wing. His fight on heroic difficulty is similar to the normal one, but you just have to pay more attention to his wife Moira. Don’t let her die until the end of the game.

Emperor Thaurissan boss overview

How to unlock the encounter: When you unlock the first wing of the Blackrock Mountain adventure, you get to challenge all its bosses. That includes Emperor Thaurissan. But to fight him on heroic difficulty, you must first beat him on the normal setting. Remember, you need to spend 700 gold or $6.99 to unlock the first wing.

Moira BronzebeardHero power: Power of the Firelord is arguably the most powerful hero power in the game. In most cases, 30 damage to your face almost means an instant win to the enemy. Fortunately, Thaurissan cannot use his power while his wife, Moira Bronzebeard, remains on the battlefield. Keeping her alive on heroic difficulty is tricky, because she only has 1 health point.

Deck: Emperor Thaurissan uses a mix of cards from several classes. There are no legendary minions, and Flameheart is only his exclusive card.

Click here to see the Emperor Thaurissan's deck on normal difficulty.

On heroic difficulty, Emperor Thaurissan has four copies of Flameheart. Also worthy of note are the Abomination, Death's Bite and Unstable Ghoul. You’re not supposed to kill Moira Bronzebeard lest you unleash Power of the Firelord, and yet Thaurissan has several cards that can kill his wife. Ironic, isn’t it?

Click here to see the Emperor Thaurissan's deck on heroic difficulty.

How to beat Emperor Thaurissan on heroic difficulty

In general: Like we’ve mentioned above, keep Moira alive. Given that she only has 1 health point on heroic difficulty, you should use health buffs on her before she receives AoE damage. Use Power Word: Shield, Crazed Alchemist and cards that boost her health (preferably without increasing her attack). Obviously, don’t attack her at least until you’ve ensured a killing blow to Thaurissan.

A good way to counter the damaging Deathrattle effect of Thaurissan’s Abomination and Unstable Ghoul is to use silencing cards, such as Ironbeak Owl and Spellbreaker. There’s nothing you can do to stop the Deathrattle effect of Thaurissan’s Death's Bite though, but you can delay it by freezing Thaurissan.

It’s also worth noting that you avoid using minions with Taunt and attack. At every start of Thaurissan’s turn, Moira attacks your hero. But if you have a minion with Taunt on board, she attacks that minion instead. Remember, either you have to keep her alive or deal with Power of the Firelord. Using Taunt minions with zero attack, such as Shieldbearer and minions from Mirror Image, is fine.

Make sure Emperor Thaurissan doesn’t receive a Time Rewinder from a Mechanical Yeti. He will use it on Moira, and her disappearance on the battlefield means his ability to use his hero power. Similarly, don’t use Freezing Trap. Silencing Moira is also a bad move.

As a priest: Buff Moira with Power Word: Shield and heal her whenever she receives damage. But before boosting her health, you can cast Inner Fire on her to reduce her attack.

Click here to see our custom priest deck against Emperor Thaurissan.

Another priest strategy is to play Lorewalker Cho and cast Shadowform. Thaurissan then uses his copy of Shadowform and replaces his starting hero power. Feel free to kill Moira at this point.

As a paladin: Cast Blessing of Wisdom on Moira for guaranteed card draw. Boost her health using Blessing of Kings, and then reduce her attack using Aldor Peacekeeper or Humility. Give her divine shield using Hand of Protection so she can survive AoE damage.

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