High Justice Grimstone - Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain

Dark Iron Arena heroic boss – Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain

The second boss in Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain adventure is High Justice Grimstone of the Dark Iron Arena. Here’s how you can beat his legendary deck on heroic difficulty.

Dark Iron Arena boss overview

How to unlock the Dark Iron Arena encounter: Along with two other bosses, High Justice Grimstone of the Dark Iron Arena is found in the first wing of the Blackrock Mountain solo adventure. You can either use 700 in-game gold or spend $6.99 real cash to open the wing. The Dark Iron Arena heroic encounter is only available to players who have already defeated Emperor Thaurissan on normal difficulty.

High Justice Grimstone’s hero power: With no mana cost on heroic, High Justice Grimstone always uses Jeering Crowd before he ends his turn. On normal difficuly, his hero power costs one mana.

High Justice Grimstone’s deck: High Justice Grimstone uses a deck that entirely consists of legendary minions. Most of them are neutral cards except for the mage’s Flame Leviathan, the priest’s Vol'jin and the shaman’s Al'Akir the Windlord. There’s no difference in the decks between normal and heroic difficulties. He has no spells.

Click here to see High Justice Grimstone's deck.

How to beat the Dark Iron Arena on heroic difficulty

In general: It’s easy to beat High Justice Grimstone on normal difficulty, what with the high mana cost of most legendary cards. On heroic difficulty, however, the game begins with the boss already having four mana crystals at the start of his turn. That means he can play minions, such as King Mukla and Stalagg, quite early. Using an aggro deck is therefore not recommended against this heroic encounter. You need to play defensively.

In many cases, you’ll need to use removal spells (e.g. Shadow Word: Death) to get rid of the enemy minions. Just make sure Grimstone doesn’t copy them through Lorewalker Cho. Big Game Hunter is an essential card for the encounter. Mind Control Tech can help you steal some of the minions.

As a rogue: The rogue mill deck is a viable choice for the Dark Iron Arena heroic boss encounter. You can use Betrayal, Sap and Doomsayer to survive in the first few turns. Later in the game, you can use Coldlight Oracle, Shadowstep, Preparation and Vanish to make the boss overdraw and discard his cards.

Click here to see our custom rogue deck against the Dark Iron Arena heroic boss.

As a mage: Use Doomsayer in tandem with Blizzard or Frost Nova to clear the board. Ice Barrier, Ice Block and other spells with the freeze effect should help you survive. Use Explosive Sheep and your hero power to remove the Jeering Crowd minions. Play and make Archmage Antonidas survive for an unlimited source of Fireballs, which are useful for both minion removal and damaging the enemy boss.

As a druid: Similar to the rogue strategy, the druid mill deck is a good option. Exploit the enemy’s Lorewalker Cho and Nat Pagle and make him overdraw. Make him discard more cards using Coldlight Oracle and Grove Tender. Naturalize also helps in addition to removing particularly difficult minions.

Later in the game, use Poison Seeds to turn the enemy legendary minions into weak Treants that can be easily killed using Starfall or the Swipe and Wild Pyromancer combo.

As a priest: Lightbomb is the perfect removal spell. If you’re lucky, you might be able to summon a powerful legendary minion for only four mana using Mindgames. Survive until you can cast Mind Control.

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