Baron Geddon - Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain

Baron Geddon heroic boss – Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain

Baron Geddon is the second boss of the Molten Core wing. This boss encounter has an interesting mechanic, but it’s easy to beat if you use certain cards as countermeasures.

Baron Geddon boss overview

How to unlock the encounter: Unlocking the Molten Core wing requires 700 gold or $6.99. To face Baron Geddon on heroic difficulty, beat Ragnaros the Firelord on normal difficulty first. You are free to challenge the heroic bosses of that wing in any order.

Hero power: Baron Geddon doesn’t want you wasting your mana crystals. If you have unspent mana when you end your turn, your hero will receive damage from the hero power Ignite Mana. It’s 10 damage on heroic difficulty and 5 on normal.

Deck: Baron Geddon uses a lot of fiery minions and spells from several classes. These cards include Druid of the Flame, Flame Imp, Lava Shock and Flamewaker. He has two special boss cards: Flameheart and Living Bomb. There is no difference between the normal and heroic decks of Baron Geddon.

Click here to see the Baron Geddon's deck on normal and heroic difficulty.

How to beat Baron Geddon on heroic difficulty

In general: To win this encounter, you need to build a deck that counters Baron Geddon’s hero power and his spell card Living Bomb. Your deck must have an optimized mana curve to ensure that you can spend all your mana crystals in each and every turn. Your deck must also be designed to ensure abundant card draw. Furthermore, you need a bit of foresight in order to spend your mana wisely in the next few turns.

Try to add Clockwork Gnome, Tinkertown Technician, Mechanical Yeti and other minions that give you spare parts–these spell cards are useful for consuming all your mana crystals.

Living Bomb is incredibly destructive on heroic difficulty, dealing 10 damage on your hero and all your minions (versus 5 damage on normal difficulty). When Baron Geddon casts this on one of your minions, you need to make sure that the bomb doesn’t trigger on Geddon’s turn. A straightforward approach is to use your minion to attack an enemy minion and die. But sometimes there isn’t an enemy minion to attack on the board or its attack point isn’t enough to kill your minion that’s strapped with Living Bomb.

This is why you must include in your deck some cards with return, silence and other effects that essentially get rid of the Living Bomb debuff. Recommended cards are Youthful Brewmaster (which also ensures more minions to play on the next turns to avoid Ignite Mana), Recombobulator and Wailing Soul.

As a warlock: Defuse the bomb with cards such as Sacrificial Pact, Power Overwhelming and Recombobulator. Use your hero power Life Tap to use any unspent mana crystals and keep a sufficient number of cards for future turns.

Click here to see our custom warlock deck against Baron Geddon.

As a rogue: Use Shadowstep to defuse the bomb. Vanish also works for later turns. Trade Prince Gallywix can survive long enough to give you copies of Flameheart and Living Bomb.

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